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Note from Victoria of Bumble Beans Inc.


Right now.

Right this minute, we can make a difference in someone’s lives.

For quilters, making a quilt to give away, is like reaching out and giving a stranger a hug…And from that, everyone benefits.

The more quilts I make and give away the more I feel I am doing something right.  The more ways I can find to reach out and give a quilt to someone in need,

the better life is all around.  So I’ve decided to let thsi project grow, and see what it can become.

With your help.

Thank you for making, giving and sharing your quilts and talents.



How did all this start?

Having a blog and knowing I could find community through the world wide web has been a true gift.

One day, I called around NYC to find a shelter that could take a few extra quilts that I had,

and found that the shelters could not take the quilts for two reasons, they could not clean them or store them.

Recalling that I had a friend who worked in something similar,

I asked my friend, Mr. Russi, if he wanted a few quilts for his organization
he said,

Do you have 700?


That wasn’t the answer I expected!
But the sheer fact that he did, stirred something in me that said,
you have to help.
I started the house block gather thinking I would make them about 10 quilts,
and at this point I am way beyond that number…
The Basics House block Gather was such a success
I wanted to find a way to support continue supporting
Acacia Network because of the amazing work that they do.
They rotate approximately 20 families a month into housing,
and although I did not have
700 quilts to give them right then,
I thought perhaps, with your help we can get closer to that number.

I’m happy to say that we received 800 quilts for the transitional housing program and other programs within the Acacia Network.

PLUS! With the House Blocks that were collected, 40 quilts were made and auctioned off and raised over $30,000 for the Acacia Network programs.

We then partnered to collect another 1,500 quilts (in just THREE WEEKS!) for Hurricane Sandy Victims in November 2012.

Those quilts were distributed to all areas that we had access to, through the shelter system in the NYC metro area, Rockaways, Queens, Staten Island, NJ areas.

We continue to find other programs within the Acacia Network that we can help give some QUILT love too. Stay tuned for more gathers with this organization.

About Acacia Network:

Acacia Network formerly known as BASICS/Promesa, is a community based organization in the South Bronx, New York City,
founded by Latino Leaders. BASICS/Promesa offers the community an outstanding
continuum of services that rivals that of any other
Health and Human Service Community Based Organization in the U.S.
Our goal is to assist disadvantaged families and individuals,
as well as to enhance their ability to thrive in the community.
The organization offers housing services, primary care, substance abuse,
mental health and harm reduction services—
everything an individual needs in order to recover
and actively participate in the betterment of our community.
We are writing to ask for your participation in the Organization’s Quilt Drive,
an ongoing initiative to supply the homeless families that we serve with quilts.
Victoria Findlay Wolfe, founder of Bumble Beans Incorporated,
has been kind enough to lead this initiative,
soliciting from quilters all over the country.

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